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BA in Graphic Design at the Lebanese American University in Beirut with study abroad semesters at Central Saint Martins, The University of The Arts London and at Parsons School of Design, The New School in New York. Master’s in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in New York with exchange year based on selection for Global Innovation Design at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in London, and Keio Media Design in Tokyo.

noor taan work life of loofah

A Lebanese / German born multicultural and interdisciplinary designer specializing in installation art, graphic and product design consciously considering sustainable living. Growing up between Beirut and Montreal in a strongly inspired architectural artistic intellectual background, I naturally developed an eye for detail and a drill for quality which shaped my bold minimal style. I launched my online platform in 2015 to share my innovative experiments during my transitional life across continents London, New York, and Tokyo, combining different approaches and gaining a global perspective on design. This lead to my success in merging branding and product design which became my signature forte : being able to create content for international clients while producing the most outstanding futuristic designs with a purpose for the companies.


While living and working in New York City, I wrote my thesis that 

developed into objects where materials and their historical and cultural ties to a particular location and its people. This is when life of loofah was born. This initiative is an open-ended project that investigates eco-friendly material in the development of product design including interactive installations, lighting and wearable products. The life of loofah project is based on the concept of repurposing the loofah plant allowing different human experiences. It was first exhibited at Art Basel Miami 2019 Show then in Nepal, Hungary, Mexico... Creating local employment opportunities, life of loofah later became a product line of  biodegradable, handmade everyday objects inspired by a philosophy of consciousness and change, symbolizing the reconnection to our roots. 


These diversified experiences lead to my contribution to major players in the design industry such as partnerships with GoPro and Keio Media Tokyo alongside Art Basel Miami and Dubai Design Week among other international art fairs where I had the opportunity to exhibit my work.

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noor taan art design


Solo Exhibitions :

2022 — The Loofah Lamps Series Experience. Private Showroom, Lebanon.

2021  —  Entangled Perceptions Exhibition. D'CLINIC Studios Gallery, Hungary.

2021  —  Inner Green Exhibition. Taragaon Museum, Nepal.

Selected Group Exhibitions :

2023 —  بيت المودة, HEAL Exbition. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2022  —  Emerging لُوفهْ Life, Matter-ials Exhibition. Dubai Design Week D3, UAE.

2022  —  Dethroned Installation. Valley of the Moon, Jordan.

2022  —  Indigenius Launch. Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan.

2021  —  Upclycled Fashion Online Exhibition. Coffewear Designs.

2019  —   25OURS Dimensions Experience. Art Basel Miami, USA.

2019  —  WIP Show. Royal College of Art London, UK.

2018  —  Enchanted Jewelry. Design Lab Tokyo, Japan.

2018  —  Minimal Resources. Fabrica Del Arte Gallery. Havana, Cuba.

2017  —  Pratt Shows. Pratt Institute Brooklyn, New York.

2017  —  Milia M Fashion / Space Design. Beirut Design Week, Lebanon.

2016  —  Creative Dialogue & ON/OFF / BDW. Barcelona, Spain.

Awards & Nominations :

2022  —  Best Wix Website Design Nomination

2022  —  Sunset 26 Limited Collection Launch, Pimperl. Mexico City, Mexico.

2021  —  Feminist Photography Contest Perspektiva. Vienna, Austria.

2021  —  Art Direction, Pimperl Sustainable Limited Edition. Oaxaca, Mexico.

2019  —  Invited Guest Speaker Higashi International. Tokyo, Japan.

2019  —  Merit Award Product Designer, House of Today. Beirut, Lebanon.

2018  —  Pratt Institute Scholarship Fund Masters Industrial Design. NY, USA.

2017  —  Cult Venezie Sustainable Innovative Workshop. Vienna, Italy.

Selected Talks :

2023 — Cultivating the loofah plant in UAE weather. Dubai Design Week, D3.

2022 —  Ambassador of Naturalness Noor Taan Creates. ZAOL, Hungary.

2021  —  Meet The Artist live streamed. D'CLINIC Studios, Hungary.

2021  —  10 Questions with Noor Taan Design Interview. Al-Tiba9, Spain.

2019  —  Culture & Design Talk with Noor Taan. UNESCO, Japan.

2019  —  Meet Noor Taan : Inspiring & Empowering. Grail Magazine Interview, Egypt.

Workshops :

2023 — Discovering the Loofah : Cultivating Sustainability from Home, Dubai Design Week D3, UAE.

2017  —  Cult Venezie, Zero Waste Workshop, Italy.

2016  —  Step Together Association, Art & Making Workshop, Lebanon.

2016  —  Nasma, Art & Creative Thinking Workshop, Lebanon.

Artist Residencies :

2021  —  D'CLINIC Studios, Hungary.

2021  —  Space A Kathmandu, Nepal.

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