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Hide & Seek 3D Print Lamp
Designed for Gantri Los Angeles.

Hide n Seek is a table and a shelf lamp that features an innovative arched design that highlights a specific item under its curved shape while keeping a relaxed atmosphere going with its warm translucent light and dimming control. This product with an arc shape was created to provide other functions than being a lamp. It is a multi-functional lamp, providing light and storage with a sculptural presence. A container in which the sizing and form offers space for items to hide.

Healing Through Technology :
Clear Pods Japan designed and coded by Noor Taan & Grant Biberdorf.

Pollen allergy is one of the most common allergies worldwide. It is also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, due to its main symptom, the production of mucus inside the nose. Today, in Japan there are as many as about 60 types of plants known to cause pollen allergy. In Tokyo, common allergy-causing plants and their pollen seasons are as follows: Japanese cedar sugi (February - April), Japanese cypress hinoki (mid March - early May), Rice plant ine (May - mid July / mid August - mid October), Ragweed butakusa (mid August - October) and Artemisia yomogi (mid August - October). Current treatment all include mainly internal remedies, that can be generally grouped into antihistamine medication, immunotherapy tablets, nasal sprays, wearing masks and in some cases, natural or home remedies as herbal teas or modifying the environment to prevent the symptoms like closing the windows. These treatments generally interrupt the daily routine of the person, having to stop their daily activities and stop to take a pill or apply a nasal spray. By coming up with a wearable product using technology to naturally help the user heal. Easing allergy symptoms through high frequency vibration of Ethmoid and Maxillary Sinuses. Clear Pods’ function is directly attached to the sunglasses nosal part thoughtfully designed for outdoors.


Noor Taan, Logan Good, Alyssa Burris, MengJung Lin, Ryan Yang & Zhang Chen Designing for GoPro Sponsoring Partner : Red Bull Client : Sasha DiGiulian World Champion Rock Climber.

Designing two solutions Arm Mount and Fix Mount for the extreme sports athletes which will be used for action filming, visual documentation, and storytelling. Tested the prototypes with Sasha who came to New York with GoPro to try our designs. Our products which was used by world-class professional athlete, enables/empowers the user to document and present a compelling multimedia story. Working with a world-champion rock climber and rock-climbing facilities helped us to find out the needs and challenges of capturing the experience of action sports, in order to come up with a solution to be able to document and present the story in better ways than the currently available solutions at GoPro.


Enchanted Jewellery
Product Concept.

Idealization of product between New York and Tokyo.
 Functionality : focusing on technology part enabling selective auditive and augmented hearing. Merging both allowing the user to choose to lower certain sounds and keep others. Deleting sound pollution and bringing the volume of birds around you in the city up, feeling closer to nature. 
Aesthetic : Working on wear-ability of the earrings changing shape and color depending on what you are listening to. Rethinking how to change wearable technology, aesthetics of the body and connotations about hearing pieces.


Music Instruments Design Collaboration Noor Taan, Alyssa Burris & Danielle Begnaud for Ken Butler Studio HYBRID VISION.

Developing a series of instruments that anyone could play and delve into the world of music. The approach hinged on making the very act of playing an instrument more accessible to those with no prior music skills. With accessibility in mind and by exploring instrument components that were readily available and low cost. Each instrument thoughtfully uses rubber bands to achieve either tonal, percussive, and open/experimental qualities. The percussive instrument has rubber bands strategically placed across the top of a vacuum-formed, concave container to achieve pitch variations. The tonal instrument uses the plucking action of rubber bands that are stretched across a deep hollow base. The open instrument uses rubber bands to suspend a metallic ring that activates a full sound. The open instrument is a purposeful exploration into the experiential quality of sound. Ultimately, I envision this trio of universally designed instruments to promote music exploration by all.


Assistive Design by Noor Taan, Logan Good, Alyssa Burris, MengJung Lin, Ryan Yang & Zhang Chen building the Freedom Arm for Ron, client working with Blythedale Children’s Hospital.

Ron has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type II, we want to bring simple freedoms back to this young man's life by allowing him to open doors and push elevator buttons to enable him to leave his building on his own. After research and prototyping, we found a solution for cases like Ron. Using one motor and the archaic technology of a scissor lift to bring the cost of a production model down to $1000. It is 100 times cheaper than what rare existing options available in the market today. Allowing an affordable option for humans to regain freedoms we take for granted.


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